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We’ve owned and operated Delhi Paint & Paper Store, an authorized Benjamin Moore paint dealer, since 1986, providing paint, supplies, framing, window and screen repair, as well as advice and assistance in making decisions about all kinds of projects. We are now at the time in our lives when we are looking to pass the torch of Delhi Paint & Paper to a new owner. The strength of our business and the beauty of our town combine to create a wonderful opportunity for someone interested in a new venture. Interested in more information? Use our contact page for details.


Delhi Paint and Paper was established as a Benjamin Moore paint dealer almost 100 years ago, in the mid-1920s, by Clarence and Gertrude Hill. For the first fifty years, the Hills ran a painting crew out of the back of the store, and retail sales in the front. A total of four owners have operated the store: Gertrude and Clarence Hill (mid 1920s-1969), Frank Bovee (1969-1978), Constance Moxley (1978-1986), and Harold Eustis and Jane Curley (1986-present).
Over the years, Delhi Paint has built a reputation for quality products and service, reliable advice on painting and finishing projects, and focused assistance with product and color choice. And it is fun to shop here!